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CYS is a dedicated yoga and movement studio located at 10 Moor Street, Chepstow.  It provides a vibrant hub for individual teachers to run their classes independently in a shared space.  For enquiries about weekly classes, prices and bookings, please contact the specific teacher by clicking on their picture below.

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Meet The Teachers



Delighted to be welcoming Kishe Redwood CIYT to Chepstow Yoga Space for a very special four module course, where each workshop will teach you to integrate alignment into the core of your practice. When we do this it is possible to experience an amazing transformation in our body and practice. 

The workshops land on Sunday Morning at the end of the month January 28th, February 25th, March 24th, April 28th.

On our mats at 10am for a two hour exploration in asana and breath .

In the beginning our body awareness tends to be very shallow and is often defined by patterns of movement that have been established in our activities, work & injuries. This means you will tend to emphasise use of certain joints and muscles while others are underutilised. Yoga postures are often performed within the limits of these patterns. In good alignment you dont let these patterns control your asana, rather you challenge your body to create ease, stability and self-awareness. 

I will instruct in skilful adjustment which is likely to leave you feeling areas of your body that you had not felt before and even give you insights as to how to manage pain, stiffness and hypermobility add in the harnessing of a more peaceful and focused mind your yoga practice begins to be experienced on many levels.

In following our Iyengar cycle of carefully curated sequences of locomotion (systemised at the Iyengar Institute, Pune, India) this course will teach fundamental aligned action in standing poses, forward and back extensions, inversions, balancing and restoring. This is the foundation we need to begin or deepen our yoga practice.

Please book direct with Kishe at

Find Us

Address: Chepstow Yoga Space, First Floor, 10 Moor Street, Chepstow NP16 5DD

We are located in central Chepstow with good access on foot, by bicycle or by public transport.

Please note that no onsite parking is available to students, unless they are members of the Chepstow Club. We ask that all students park in one of the many nearby car parks, such as those located at Marks and Spencers or on Welsh Street.

Our Ethos

Chepstow Yoga Space is a supportive community space where people come together to share, to breathe and to grow, through the joy of movement.

With this in mind, CYS is driven by the ethos of ‘movement for every body’ which is supported by five key principles which reflect the values of the founding group:

  • Welcoming: CYS is bright, warm, clean and spacious

  • Inclusive: CYS is open to everyone

  • Nurturing: we offer a safe environment for people to explore movement

  • Inspiring: we inspire better living

  • Community-centred: we are a place where people can come together to share the gift of movement

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