LornaYoga offers Slow and Dynamic Flow Yoga classes, live in-Studio at Chepstow Yoga Space, and also online via Zoom.  All classes are available to purchase individually, or with a monthly subscription giving unlimited access to all in-Studio classes (subject to availability) and all Zoom classes, plus video recordings of all classes and additional exclusive pre-recorded video content, through a dedicated LY Pass Page - click the link for details.

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Slow Flow is a smooth flowing style of yoga that links movement with breath.  As we gently flow from one posture to the next we tune into our body & the atmosphere around us, cultivating a felt sense of support both inside and outside.  This process helps to strengthen, flex and make space in our entire body mind whilst encouraging a sense of connection to our body and to the world around us.


This class is for all with no previous experience necessary, and can be booked individually or as part of the LY Pass.

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Dynamic Vinyasa is a strong and beautiful combination of many different styles of yoga that allows for freedom of expression from both teacher and student.  It's a dance to the rhythm of your breath that synchronises all the parts of you, strengthening and sculpting your entire body mind and removing areas of stress and tension. It calms and clears your mind, cultivating a felt sense of yourself and the world around you and ultimately revealing your natural state, one that is peaceful, joyful, expansive and full of potential.


This class is strong and is recommended for yogis with previous experience and / or a reasonable level of fitness, and can be booked individually or as part of the LY Pass.

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I believe in the transformational power of yoga as

I have experienced first hand it's life changing effects.

My classes are designed to help you achieve a fitter, more flexible, more spacious body and I focus on the power of the breath to create a calm and centered mind. I ask students to explore embodying the practice of yoga, so moving not just from muscles but from our skin, our bones and our organs.  I invite them to become familiar with their bodies, to create space within the framework, cultivating an awareness of alignment, and ultimately ensuring a stronger, more flexible, more open, body & mind.​ 

My wish is for my students to move from the inner body, to step down from the head into the space of the heart, for them to experience awareness without judgement and to discover and connect to the inner joy that is our natural state.

My Training:
2008 – Hatha Teacher Training with FRYOG run by Swami Satvikananda - 200 Hours
2010 – Ashtanga Teacher Training Immersion in Crete with Kristina Karitinou - 100 Hours
2014 – Anusara Teacher Training Immersion in Paros with Tara Judelle
2014 – Embodied Anatomy & Kinesiology Online Course with Amy Matthews
2016 – Embodied Flow Advanced Training - Body - with Tara Judelle & Scott Lyons - 100 Hours
2017 - Embodied Flow Advanced Training - Expression - Tara Judelle & Scott Lyons - 100 Hours
2018 - Embodied Flow Advanced Training - Mind - with Tara Judelle & Scott Lyons - 100 Hours